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Nearing their 30-year anniversary in summer 2020, alternative rockers 311—boasting a lineup of all five original members, 10 consecutive Top 10 albums and a hybrid groundbreaking musical-style--are heading for the big screen.

Produced by 311 and Wayne Price (Heartworn Highways Revisited), edited by Brandon “B Love” Hardin and mixed in 5.1 surround by Emmy-winner Tom Paul (Paul Simon’s Under African Skies), Enlarged To Show Detail 3 (ETSD3) was designed to illustrate and solidify the indelible relationship between 311 and their fans.

As a testament to 311’s devotion, the feature-length film was largely shot, edited and inspired by dedicated fans of the band. The movie features concert footage of chart-topping hits and fan favorites, including “Down,” “Beautiful Disaster” and “Come Original.” The material was filmed at past 311 DAY Concerts, 311 Caribbean Cruises and the 311 Pow Wow Festival.

“The film largely centers around our close relationship between the band and our fans. We have a special connection, and it’s become a tight-knit community,” vocalist and guitarist Nick Hexum says. “Really it’s a big thank you and a reflection of the unity that we feel.”

In addition to live footage, ETSD3 features equally as much off-stage moments, including poignant interviews with band members and their fans, behind-the-scenes clips, and revealing footage from the road, the studio and the musician’s homes.

“The fact that we’ve known the filmmakers for so long adds immeasurably to the film,” says bassist P-Nut. “Their knowledge of our shows, personalities and fanbase plus all the amazing fan contributions we received for this film, is something I think both band and fans can all be proud of. Our legacy of positivity is nothing without their support.”

Throughout, the camera work, editing style and interview content compliment 311’s offbeat yet irresistible songcraft,creating a striking and iconoclastic documentary that will instantly appeal to fans as well as anyone interested in dramatic and triumphant human interest stories.

“ETSD3 shows how lucky all of us are to be fortunate enough to enjoy life to the level we have,” 311 drummer Chad Sexton says. “It’s great to see all the times we have shared together condensed down to a movie format. What a ride!”